What differentiates us

Rapid product development

Using our Mobinius Molecules™ - a rapid application development accelerator,we can integrate the standard application components and functions in the least time possible.

Scalable micro services architecture

We believe in simplifying technology & integrating the micro services architecture – by re-suing the same codes or implementing the same as used earlier.

DevOps friendly framework

Hexagonal architecture consisting of business logic along with various adapters, thereby exposing API’s, making it easier to deploy distinct experiences for specific users, devices, or specialized use cases.

Complete integrated framework

By integration of front and backend components together our own set of codes provide the best framework, used to customize these components to application specifications.

Molecules advantage

Build and deploy faster never like before

With Mobinius Molecules™,the entire process of creating, building and deploying app becomes much more simplified & user - friendly.

Create seamless customer experience

Paving ahead with our philosophy of delivering the best to our users, we have created a perfect blend of an integrated platform.

Delivering efficient & effective outputs

Looking at crucial deliverables, along with stringent timelines, it becomes all the way important to ensure cost – effectiveness & efficiency of the same.

Rapid & agile IT solutions,at your tips

Providing the right IT solutions, whilst keeping the consistent momentum with the growing technology at its pace, is what we thrive on.

Featured Client Implementations

Who could benefit

Inspiring nex-gen

By creating sustainable technologies, new ideas giving birth to new enterprises and creating a new generation of exciting start –up’s, it becomes very crucial to have platforms which can be re-used again to build several new product platforms.

Academic enhancements

Being of great use to re-build different platforms and applications, making it more economical, hassle free and with productive learning, students can benefit the maximum by creating different projects using the same build.

Enticing enterprises with new age products

With Mobinius Molecules™ on the go, we are here to support the growing enterprise and also help them reduce time & costs in order to build and grow better, thereby adding value to their respective enterprises.

Wanna know how we started...

how to started
The birth of Mobinius MoleculesTM can be evidently said, as an extension of our strong belief in fostering & implementing newer technology with the help of best tech – geeks. Our TSG Group commonly known as TSG (Technology Solution Group) – which works on learning, sharing & embracing technology and making it a common platform for all the tech-experts to come together, working on various technical break through understanding, backed with strong research on various technologies and working POC’s (Proof Of Concepts) to deliver the best of which they have to offer on the platter for our esteemed clients & customers. These working POC’s will be the core component of Molecules and this is how they are created. Molecules have umpteen number of advanced and come equipped with hi-tech components. New age products and solutions could utilize power of molecules for quicker release of products to market etc.
Mobinius MoleculesTM was developed with the sole purpose of creating a Mobinius signature by following the current coding standards and provide the best possible re-usable module to any developer. Molecules follow micro service architecture. Each MoleculeTM is independent and they will have the required UI component with the API service and a Mongo DB*.

Voila! This is how it works!!!

Molecules are created for most commonly used components of any project. This is done to help the developer maintain the Mobinius coding standard and ensure timely delivery of the product to the client. Molecules can be used by a non developer as well since each Molecule comes with a standard integration document, a sample basic UI and service to store any information to the Mongo DB *.
Some Molecules are created as a service. The service is exposed as a API end point and the user is provided with a configuration document which helps the user to set up the request and response cycles. The request format is shared as part of the document with each Molecule service. Using the service and Molecules a developer will be able to reduce the development time. Molecules handle all possible data on the service end. The user is given the freedom to use the UI in accordance to the requirement and call the service based on the requirement of the application. A configuration file is provided to the user and this will be able to create the possible Molecule!
First and foremost what we focus is to strengthen the initial stage of creating a platform. We build / create platforms where codes can be shared. Yes! The same codes which have been used earlier for creating platforms/applications/some modules etc. This helps us to let go or move away the mainstream – monolithic architecture which every single tech expert or an organization does.
Indeed this is another way of doing the same thing, but if the same things are done in a different manner – it does create disruptions, doesn’t it?

Monolithic Architecture

monolithic architecture
Pain areas while using a monolithic framework
Yes, you read it right. All the successful applications eventually grow over some period of time and also become large or expand rapidly in such a manner, that it becomes difficult to handle the same. Some codes are added again and again and over a period of time a small – simple application takes the form of a complex, big, mammoth monster.
Eventually, what happens is while this application is becoming large and huge and gaining complexity over a period of time – bugs which keep popping up have to be fixed. This process in turn reduces the down time and slows down the entire application development. Last but not least, monolithic applications make it extremely difficult to adopt new frameworks and languages.
Well, it definitely answers all your queries at one go when it comes to why should one shift towards using Mobinius MoleculesTM.
Shifting to Micro Services
We seamlessly integrate the micro services architecture – by re-suing the same codes or implementing the same codes as used earlier. This helps us to create a common or a central code repository enabling us to develop/create POC’s and other applications rapidly.
Each micro service is a mini-application that has its own hexagonal architecture consisting of business logic along with various adapters. They expose a API which is consumed by other micro – services and it becomes easier to deploy distinct experiences for specific users, devices, or specialized use cases.
Micro Services
Mobinius – Using the best practices
Using our Mobinius Molecules - a rapid application development accelerator we can do the following:
  • Amalgamate the standard application components and functions/ features in 20-50% less time than what it would take to develop from scratch.
  • In our own developed platform we have the integration of front and back-end components together.
  • Our own set of codes designed by us provide the best framework which is then used to customize these components to application specifications.
  • The most important part is it can be used in any language and any type of project. Even a simple API call can be done using this platform.
  • This service will have several components which can be downloaded.
Integration?? But how???
Molecules will be hosted as containers using docker services. The user can get the complete molecule by downloading each container. Some molecules are also provided as service. The user then would need to make a REST API call to the service and provide the request in the required format, to get a quick response from the service.
Some services come with a Mongo DB built in and the user will be able to use these molecules out of the box. The developers will clone the repositories of molecules and each molecule will have a UI component. This can be integrated into the application easily by including the component code into the application. Developers will be able to get a base molecule for the UI. This base molecule will have all the comments to help the developer integrate various molecules and will ensure the coding standards are maintained.
Integration of components into the base app
The base application will have UI built on Angular 4. This will have the required folder structure to be followed by any molecule. The user would then download other molecule UI code, including the component code into the base application, thus connecting the services required in the service file of the base app.
If needed the user can edit the UI and build the application with different molecules included into the application. Each molecule can be integrated into any existing application. The application would use this service / include molecule UI code or both into the application. The molecule would be configured using the configuration file received with any Molecule and the application can be built enabling ease of access and rapid development.


Q: How do molecules interact with each other?

A: Each molecules will be a service and they expose a REST API. These molecules Each molecule is released under MIT license to ensure the code is available to use interact with each other through these REST APIs.

Q: What is the general architecture followed in molecules?

A: Molecules follow the micro service architecture. This is how each This is how each molecule is separate from each other and are independent of each other.

Q: How are these molecules hosted?

A: Molecules will be compiled into containers and will be hosted with the help of Dockers.

Q: What do I get as part of each molecule?

A: Each container of the molecule will be a full-fledged micro service.It will consist of a sample UI, service and a database if required. This way you don’t have to invest time on creating any new components and use the molecule straight o the container.

Q: Can I use a Molecule with my existing application?

A: Yes! That’s the beauty of this micro service architecture. Each Molecules is completely independent. This allows the molecule to call the service it requires and provides an out put into your application. If you require you can build your own UI and just call the service to receive the data you require.

Q: Do I get the source code?

A: Yes. Molecules will be released user MIT licence and the code can be received a er approval from Mobinius.

Q: How secured are these services?

A: We use the current industrial standards to ensure your data is not lost or hacked. All information go under HTTP’s protocol and are encrypted. Some services use specialized encryptions to add an extra layer of security.

Q: What is the licensing model?

A: Each molecule is released under MIT license to ensure the code is available to use interact with each other through these REST APIs. by everyone.

Q: What if I do not have a developer to integrate the Molecules?

A: You don’t have to worry at all. Each molecule is available as under a SASS model as well. You just call our service and the rest will be taken care of.

Q: How do I integrate the services?

A: Each service comes as a simple REST protocol. You would need to call our API’s and share the data in the required format.

Q: Can I get only one Molecule?

A: Yes you can! Being independent each molecule exists on its own. You can have one or 100 or even 1000 Molecule(s).

Q: Should I pay for each Molecule?

A: Yes. Each Molecule is sold separately.

Q: Who is using these Molecules?

A: Currently Mobinius Molecules are used by some of the reputed brands as follows :
Hell Cabs

Q: What if I don’t want to use the Molecules anymore?

A: Molecule service is bought per use. You will have an access to discontinue the service anytime you want. If you buy the Molecule, then the code will be in your hand. You just remove the API call for the Molecule and it will stop working.